About us began with a love and passion for Delftware. Soon followed the idea of making antiques from Delft available to the rest of the world through a web shop and a beautiful store on the big market square in Delft. An American, Patrick, from Texas living in the Netherlands started
collecting Delftware with a passion and within a reasonably short time became an expert in world of Delftware and other antiques.

The company is run by the owner Laurens Puntman. The help and the expertise of Patrick is what makes the shop so successful. It started out on the world famous antique market in Delft, which takes place every Saturday from April to October.

After our place on the market was established as the best stall on the market, the chance arose to take over a shop on the big market square in Delft. Prime location to show off our wonderful antiquities. We mainly have Royal Delft and Royal Tichelaar (Makkum) in our collection as well as a wide array of antiques from fossils to furniture and from Silver to wonderful curiosities.

Every antique that you are looking for we either have or we can get for you
by using our specific requests form. We love to find things for people, it is such a good feeling to help people find what they have been looking for. Nothing is out of the question, just let us know and we will get on it!


We hope you will enjoy shopping in the web shop and hopefully one day we will see you in the shop on the market in Delft. 



Y'all come back now, ya hear!


Laurens Puntman




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