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Miniature Long case clock

Sales price 2000,00 €
13 cm x 7 cm x 0 cm (l/w/h) This is an extremely rare piece. I, in all my years, have only come across this one. The rarity rating in the books is 1, that means that there are 4 or less known in existence  The face of the dial has had some restorations, and the key and the pendulum are not with this case. The value of this is in the earthenware and not in the actual fact of a working clock. I can get this clock replaced if desired, that is not included in the price.


This beauty was painted in 1896, the painters were L.G.N. ten Dam and B.A. Burghoorn. It is common that there was a painter who did the scene  and another painter did the decor around the clock. This would be a wonderful addition to any collection, museum or private.

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